Observation sheets and protocol

Alpine Bird Monitoring Protocol. 3 pp. Download PDF (289 KB)
The standardized methodology for alpine bird surveying.

Alpine Bird Checklist for BC. 1p. Download PDF (14 KB)
Interested in doing your own data collection in the alpine?

Sightings record form for Vancouver Island White-tailed Ptarmigan. 1 p. Download PDF (15 KB)
Use this sheet to record your observations of ptarmigan and send them to us.

More information about birds in the alpine Within North America

Avian species observed during fall migration surveys in southern British Columbia from 1998 through 2001. Download PDF (31 KB)

Summary of 239 bird species occurring in high-elevation habitat types of North America. Includes abundance, behavioural associations and reference list. 10 pp. Download PDF (85 KB) | Download XLS / ZIP (94 KB) 

Compilation of the number of species regularly appearing in alpine or subalpine habitats within North America, by region. 1 p. Download PDF (9 KB)

Three lists of species-high elevation habitat associations in Washington and Oregon. Download ZIP (49 KB)

Elevational ranges of alpine birds, compiled from The Birds of BC. 2 pp. Download PDF (30 KB)

Species list of British Columbia birds using alpine and subalpine habitats (by biogeoclimatic zone) from Stevens, 1995. 6 pp. Download PDF (34 KB)

General Alpine Ecology

A discussion of alpine landscape, geology, flora and fauna in British Columbia. Originally published in BC Naturalist, Summer 2001 Edition. Download PDF (21 KB)